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Верх - хаос и creation — ЖЖ [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Sergei Sokolov

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[окт. 6, 2006|06:10 pm]
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Побывал на верхней площадке Эйфелевой. Тьам дичайший ветер,
и она покачивается! Купил на мосту у темнокожего барыги сувенироную башню- эти торгаши уже стали, по-моему, неотъемлемой частью Парижа.
Сидим в кафешке, начался ливень, ждем мясо. Рядом со мной две красавицы-блондинки: полька и русская, мы вместе работаем.
Стемнело. Дождь по-французски, в свете фар - красиво.

[User Picture]От: toucha
2006-10-06 09:57 pm


i wish i am in Paris now.... there is an intersection on b-r raskail (??? spelling) where on every corner is a restaurant with the name meaning the same thing, vut have different name: Coupole, rotonde and 2 more (each meaning "kupol"), a bit down from Closerie de Lilas" - favorite place of Hemingway,.... did you see Napoleon tomb? and Alexander the II bridge? Centre Pompidoux? and Musee d'orsey with great collection of workd by Honore Daumier...?
if you want my best friend lives in Paris - she can guide you to what to see, or there is always "time out Paris".

It's so cool that you are in Paris...
[User Picture]От: chaka
2006-10-09 08:51 pm


I didn't notice that crossing, but probably have passed it on a bicycle at some point : )
I saw Napoleon tomb year ago, this time we skipped the place. Pompidou - now I managed to get ther alone and spent like three hours inside! My place, definetely.
Skipped d'Orsey, but visited a couple os cemetaries : )